Bask in the fragrances of the past and explore some of the most interesting sights left by Arica’s ancestors. The décor of exquisite geoglyphs glisten alongside the rocky hillsides of the Valley of Azapa; and shine a light on the importance of this ancient tradition.  Slightly tucked a few miles away from the valley, lies the Azapa Museum.  Here, visitors are cordially invited to gaze upon archeological mummies and listen to stories about Chile’s fascinating history. With such a sacred ambiance, the Valley of Azapa remains to be a place of enchantment, while concealing the secrets of its ancient inhabitants.  It is also one of the reasons why Arica, Chile is an ideal destination to discover a world of archeology and timeless beauty.

Referred to as the “City of Eternal Spring” and nestled along the Pacific Ocean, Arica is the northernmost city in Chile.  It is profoundly blessed with prehistoric drawings of petroglyphs and geoglyphs, illustrating the ancient wisdom and beliefs that were bestowed upon its natives.  From a past of adversity and triumph, the city’s strength is manifested through its decorations of iconic antiquities and elaborate infrastructure.  Retrace the steps of the natives with a tour of the The Valley of Lluta.  Standing at approximately 150 meters high, the morro de Arica is a unique rock formation, which signifies Chilean victory over the Peruvian-Bolivian army.  It also offers a 360 degree view of the city’s majestic surroundings and houses a museum. The gothic style, Saint Mark’s Cathedral, stands proudly in its entire architectural splendor.  Feel the atmosphere of the Pacific as you splash in the crystal clear water or tan under the sun.

The 21 de Mayo promenade and Arica’s trendy markets are known to burst at the seams with Chilean souvenirs.  A cup of coffee from a nearby café will give you the right boost to shop until you drop.  From Andean handicrafts to alpaca fabrics, Arica offers a duty free and extraordinary shopping experience.  Put on your dancing shoes and dance the night away with the locals over Chile’s signature drinks. 

Savor the taste of culinary delicacies in Arica.  Restaurants are draped in aromas of local and international dishes.   Chefs are experts at preparing imaginative dinners so delightful; your taste buds will appreciate each bite.

Arica experiences a hot desert climate.  During the months of December to April (warm season), the temperatures average from a high within the mid 70s to a low in the 60s.  In June to October (cold season), the weather ranges between the mid 60s to the high 50s.

Chacalluta International Airport is the city’s main gateway to other Chilean cities and locations around the world.  Local buses are located downtown and travel to various places in the city.  Taxis also run frequently and they will take you to your desired destination.  To travel at your own pace, car rentals are accessible. To take pleasure in the wonderful weather, tourists are encouraged to bike around the city.  In addition, Arica’s diverse landscape is perfect for hiking and strolling along the beautiful beaches and hidden valleys.