From the blue ocean waters to the green hills, Argostoli, Greece is the best of both worlds.  The culture of the small town is manifested through its architectural structures, infrastructure, and interesting landmarks that are fun to explore.  Its attractions overflow with hidden treasures revealing historic rituals and behaviors of an ancient civilization.  The Archaeological Museum is a conservation of the Trojan War, Mycenaean, Roman, and Hellenic eras with its numerous collections of coins, jewelry, seals, and weapons.  Its mysterious findings provide a gateway into a world far beyond our imaginations and this is why the museum is a perfect example of how this small town is full of big thrills and mystical adventures.

Argostoli is the capital city of the island of Kefalonia on the Ionian Island in Greece.  It also serves as the main port and harbor of the island.  The city’s backdrop of mountains and forests only contribute to the beauty and peaceful ambiance that flows throughout the vibrant cobble stone streets and the reconstructed, stunning attractions and buildings.  Since its modernization in 1842, this distinctive monument is reminiscent of the British that once ruled the region.   Pay a visit to Kefalonia’s past at the Library and Folklore Museum, where exhibitions like utensils, clothing, and pictures of important figures from the 19th century are proudly showcased as a reminder of a fascinating and different way of life.  Watch a live concert or film at the uniquely designed Kephalos Theatre, which seats about 500 spectators and is known to be one of Greece’s best entertainment venues.  By sightseeing along the streets of the Kabanas Square, you can climb the infamous bell tower and have a bird’s eye view of Argostoli’s majestic scenery.

During the day, the quaint streets are busy with shoppers grabbing the latest Grecian merchandise and souvenirs from books to jewelry in the chic shops and boutiques. However, it is at night when locals are known to mix and mingle at the bars and taverns that can be found along the main square.  They provide a relaxing atmosphere and serve some of the best refreshing cocktails and beer Argostoli has to offer.  Nightclubs are an intense party scene with bright disco lights and a wide variety of international and Greek music blazing in the air.

The beautifully decked out restaurants provide a plethora of edible feasts that will quench your pallet.  With panoramic views and tranquil ambiance, the dining experience of the city is one that should not be missed.  The sweet aromas from traditional recipes and international dishes fill the atmosphere of the restaurants throughout the city.  Seafood, assorted meats, and cheeses are among the numerous selections of cuisines available and the skilful chefs are brilliant at creating Grecian foods inspired by their multicultural audiences.

Argostoli experiences very warm climate.   During the warm season (May-September) temperatures soar to the high 80s.  In the cold season, the temperatures fluctuate between the 50s and rise to the 70s.

Kefalonia's airport is in close proximity to Argostoli and provides flights to Athens and other Grecian locations.  Located in the city, the (KTEL) bus station also services rides to Sami, Fiskardo, and other areas within the island of Kefalonia.  At Valianou Square, taxis are available and offer rides to well-known areas within Argostoli.  Also, renting a car is a convenient way to travel because you will be able to travel at your own pace while taking in the scenic views.