The lively streets are crowded with excited people as they anxiously wait for the festivities to begin.  In the distance, the thunder of large taiko drums, cymbals, and flutes begins to drown out the chatter of the energized spectators.  Haneto dancers dressed in bright colored costumes move to the pulsating beats of the music and start to make their way down the decorated streets. They are followed by the brilliant lights and animated figures of the huge nebuta floats that are rhythmically twirling and swaying to the loud music as well.  The atmosphere is bursting with culture as the thrilled audience joins in by singing, clapping, and dancing while being hypnotized by the fascinating entertainment and celebrations.  The Aomori Nebuta-matsuri Festival is one of the largest cultural festivals in Aomori, Japan.  This is one of the main reasons why Aomori is a vibrant and captivating destination full of adventure.

Aomori is the capital city of Amori Prefecture and situated on the Honshu Island of Japan.  It is a major seaport and the primary apple producer for its region.  It is populated with over 1million inhabitants, great restaurants, and trendy shops.  For a peek into the city’s history and culture, visit the interesting sites that will simply take your breath away.  For the art enthusiast, The Aomori Museum of Art boldly displays the artistic works and modern paintings of influential artists such as Marc Chagall and Nara Yoshitomo.   Step into the Jomon period and visit the Sannai Maruyama site, filled with its archeological finings of ancient columns, clothing, jewelry, pots, and dwelling pit.  Nature lovers will definitely want to watch the beauties of life unfold by taking a leisurely stroll in Gappa Park or by gazing at the exotic marine animals at Aquarium Asamushi.  The great amount of thrilling attractions will truly make your journey an unforgettable experience.

Shopping is also a great way to nourish your memories.  Everything from genuine Japanese souvenirs to the latest fashion trends makes Aomori a shopper’s paradise.  It is also a thrill to feast on delectable traditional Japanese foods zashiki style (eating while sitting on the floor).  Chefs provide a taste of Japan with authentic Asian recipes and international cuisines for the cautious food critics.  What an exciting feeling it is to dine on mouthwatering foods like ichigo-ni, senbei jiru, cod Jappa-jiru, and sea pineapple while enjoying the scenic views the city has to offer.

Aomori experiences a humid continental climate with ample rainfall.  The warm seasons are mainly hot with temperatures soaring to the high 70s and decreasing to the 60s.  The winter seasons are known to produce heavy snowfall.  The weather maintains an average of a high within the 40s and lowering to the 20s at night.

Aomori airport services flights to other major Japanese cities and Seoul, South Korea.  The Aomori train station provides rides via the JR Tsugaru Kaikyo line to Hakodate; JR Tohoku Main travels to Morioka; the Ou Main line goes to Akita.  Buses are also available in route to Towada-ko, Tokyo, Morioka, and Sendai.  Ferries are also a convenient mode of transportation to Hakodate.