The Regional Museum of Antofagasta is a unique look into the past with its archeological findings of ancient artifacts, mummies and fossils.  Visitors are welcomed to learn about historic civilizations that once prevailed throughout the city and marvel at the preservations of the ancient wonders.  The museum is in in the charming city of Antofagasta, which remains one of the most important places of Chile with its exquisite natural attractions.  People from all walks of life choose to visit this captivating destination because they are truly amazed by the hypnotizing sites, beautiful beaches, and its vibrancy.

Antofagasta is a city located in the northern part of Chile and it is the capital of the Antofagasta providence and region.  Its proximity to the Atacama Desert plateau and exportation of copper and other minerals makes this city a major port.  Filled with many attractions, Antofagasta is the perfect getaway.  Standing at approximately 100 ft above sea level, La Portada, meaning gateway, is a natural, massive stone-like monument and archway in the crystal clear ocean. The Ruins of Huanchaca is an ancient silver refinery that also serves as an important gateway into Antofagasta’s past by sending its visitor’s on a journey into a foreign world filled with hidden treasures.  Whether you have or have not seen Big Ben, you will definitely need to meet Torre del Reloj, which is smaller replica of the famous clock tower.  Along with the historical monuments, the pristine beaches offer a plethora of activities from sun bathing to scuba diving among the exotic sea creatures.

Shopping in Antofagasta is an experience that should not be missed.  Popular retail stores and trendy shops offer an abundance of merchandise.  From authentic Chilean products to everyday supplies, there is a vast selection of souvenirs that will add to the memories of your wonderful journey.  At night, the local bars and clubs are overwhelmed with locals and tourists who are ready to have a great time and dance the night away.  The vibrations of music and lively chatter fill the atmosphere of the discotheques as club goers sip on Chile’s signature cocktails, wines, and beers.

The gastronomy of Antofagasta is extraordinary.  From fresh seafood to the city’s staple foods, there is a wide variety of dishes that will truly appease your taste buds.  Within the local restaurants you can savor the taste of traditional dishes such as empanadas, parrillada, and humitas; as well as delectable international cuisine.  Not only are restaurants known to serve extensive meals but also provide the best scenic views of the serene ocean.

Antofagasta experiences a cold desert climate.  During the warm season (December-March) the temperature fluctuates from the low 60s to the mid 70s.  In the cold season (May-October) the temperature averages from a high in the 60s and lower to the 50s.

Traveling throughout Antofagasta is relatively easy.  Buses are a convenient mode of transportation and they provide rides to various locations on a regular schedule.  Taxis are also an easy way to commute, especially when traveling with large groups of people.  They can be found on the streets and at local stands.  Since Antofagasta has two seaports, travel by boat is a scenic and relaxing means of commuting through the city and to other port cities in Chile.