Would you like to see an original Picasso art piece?  The Picasso Museum in Antibes, France is an art lover’s dream as it pays tribute to one of the most celebrated and inspirational artist of all time.  Visitors will have the luxury of gazing upon many of Picasso’s popular ceramic works and paintings such as La Chèvre, La Joie de Vivr, Ulysses et les Sirène, and other significant pieces inspired by France’s history and civilization.  The museum’s castle-like décor and the backdrop of the Mediterranean Sea also contribute to the contemporary creativity that not only influenced Picasso, but the works of other famous artists like Nicolas de Staë and Anna-Eva Bergman whom are proudly showcased in the museum.  The Picasso Museum is a fine example of how Antibes is a great destination filled with culture, splendor, and thrilling attractions. So wonderful, even the great Picasso was influenced by its charm and beauty.

Antibes is a city located in the southeastern part of France.  It is also situated in the Mediterranean in the Côte d'Azur between Nice and Cannes and it is relatively close to Italy.  Overwhelmed with an exquisite array of architecture, natural attractions, yachting and water activities, Antibes is a magnificent sight filled with many adventures.  The impact of art is manifested throughout the lively streets and museums that populate the city. The Archeology Museum is a historic time machine that celebrates Antibes’ past civilizations with exhibitions of ancient coins, mosaics, and ceramics.  Dive into the mystical, deep blue sea at the Naval Museum and experience Jacques Cousteau’s exploration of the aquatic world while observing the instruments he used to complete his voyage. Along with the historical monuments, the city is also a nature lover’s paradise.   Have a picnic among some of France’s exotic wildlife under the cool shade of massive trees. Also, cruise the Mediterranean and enjoy the panoramic views of the city or watch nature at its best and see dolphins, polar bears, or killer whales perform interesting tricks.

Within the vibrant streets are trendy shops and stores that provide the latest fashions and authentic French merchandise.  Antibes offers a fun shopping experience for tourists who cannot wait to get their hands on “made in France” fabrics and products.  By night the town transforms into an energetic disco.  Many bars and restaurants become an intense, social scene with vibrant music, tasty cocktails, delicious food and pastries. 

Savor the taste of traditional French cuisine and international dishes from the local restaurants.  Antibes restaurants offer a wine and dine ambiance with mouthwatering foods fit for a king or queen.  Chefs pride themselves on preparing mouth watering specialties that will please any food critic. With such a wide variety of foods rich in flavor and texture, your appetite will definitely be satisfied.

The city of Antibes experiences a Mediterranean climate.  During the summer, temperatures average from the low 80s and cool down to the low 60s.  In the spring and autumn the weather is pleasant and relatively cool.  During this time, the temperature ranges from the high 80s throughout the day to the low 50s.  Winters are much cooler with the climate soaring in the mid 50s and decreasing to the 30s at night.

Traveling around Antibes is pretty easy.  Many attractions and places of interest are reachable by walking.  Trains are the best means of transportation when traveling outside the city to nearby locations.  Buses are quite limited but they provide services to the outskirts of Antibes. To travel at your own pace, car and scooter rentals are also available.