Filled with culture, 2000 gorgeous beaches, and historic attractions, Angra Dos Reis is a thrilling destination.  Its emerald and turquoise sea offers a plethora of activities from scuba diving to swimming amongst the bright colored fish.  The ancient monuments reveal stories of ancient beliefs and traditions that cultivate Angra Dos Reis’ society.  If you drink the water from the mysterious fountain, Bica da Carioca, it is said that you will be attracted to Angra Dos Reis forever.  Once a prison, the Municipal Building preserves some of the architectural design of the historical building.  The endless array of highlights and thrills of Angra Dos Reis, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil are exciting.  Whether it is relaxing on the beach or sightseeing, you will truly be amazed of the adventures that make this destination an unforgettable experience.

Angra Dos Reis (Bay of the Kings) is a municipality located in Brazil with 365 islands within its region, and Ilha Grande being the most popular amongst tourists.  It is also located south in the state of Rio de Janeiro and it houses Angra Nuclear Power Plant, the primary nuclear power plant in Brazil and many prehistoric, conserved churches. Angra Dos Reis has the true characteristics of a magical paradise with its sandy, white beaches leading to an aquatic world of fun.   Feel the cool breeze blow against your face as you ride the huge waves by jet skiing and surfing.  The numerous waterfalls are great for hiking and biking, but make sure you dodge the giant rocks when white water rafting.  For the enthusiastic sightseers, indulge the city’s culture by visiting the different varieties of ancient attractions.  An interesting site is the Monument to Aquidabã Shipwreck which pays homage to the sinking of the most powerful battleship of the Brazilian navy.  The Fish Market Place also pays tribute to history as it is reminiscent of the flourishing fish industry.

To nourish your memories with unique seashells and handcrafts by visiting the trendy shops and malls that Angra Dos Reis has to offer.  Local products and popular trends are within reach for the shop-a-holics in dire need of retail therapy.  The night life of the city is an exotic thrill.  The bars and nightclubs provide an intense party scene as visitors and locals dance to the pulsating beats of Brazilian music while conversing and drinking Brazil’s signature beers and cocktails.

 In Angra Dos Reis, food is a cultural phenomenon.  From freshly caught seafood like fish, lobster, mussels, and shrimp to the exquisite cuisines of multicultural influences, the dynamic varieties of dishes will satisfy any food connoisseur.  Dare to try peixe com banana (a mixture of cilantro, basil, and banana cooked in fish) and tainha na telha (salmon stuffed with flour, shrimp, unions, and olives), which are some of the popular authentic delicacies of the city.  Many restaurants pride themselves on providing the best dining experiences with not only great food, but with a relaxing ambiance, exciting entertainment, and picturesque views of the majestic city and crystal clear ocean.

Angra Dos Reis experiences a tropical climate.  During the warm season (November to February), temperatures soar to the high 90s and lower to the 80s.  However, this is also considered the rainy season.  During the months of June to September, the temperature remains relatively cool fluctuating from the high 70s to low 60s.  During the winter, the weather is typically dry, since there is little to no rainfall.

With no major airport, cruising on a boat is a scenic way to get around Angra Dos Reis and its islands.  Ferries provide transportation to IIha Grand, Mangaratiba, and other main ports.  The Costa Verde buses service rides in route to Angra Dos Reis and Rio and Colitur buses travel from the city to Paraty.  There are also buses that travel to Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.  Nevertheless, by renting a car or walking, you can travel at your own pace and enjoy the beautiful weather and scenery.