Imagine a world where you are generously greeted by the golden sun, sandy white beaches, and the turquoise ocean.  So free from the outside world, you can’t help but relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery and weather.   Anegada, British Virgin Islands is a wonderful example of a picture-perfect paradise.  From the feeling of sand in between your toes to the cool ocean water covering your entire body, you will truly be mesmerized by the adventures that are awaiting your arrival.  Escape to the aquatic world, and have a real life 3D experience by swimming with the exotic fish and coral reefs that decorate the gorgeous sea.  Get up close and personal to learn about the exquisite sea creatures through fly fishing and scuba diving.  The exhilarating activities of Anegada, will make your journey a memorable vacation.

Anegada is the second largest island in the British Virgin Island in the Caribbean.  Anegada, meaning drowned land, got its name for the fact that the island is very flat at only 28 feet above sea level.   Originally inhabited by pirates, shipwrecks were common and a great sight to behold while diving in the deep waters.  Beware of the extraordinary attractions of flamingoes at the Flamingo Pond, and endangered rock iguanas that lurk in the distance.  Tourists can also enjoy the many perks of being on a secluded beach like kayaking and sailing.  For a unique way of fishing, fly fishing allows you to feel the scales of a bone fish, permit, or barracuda before releasing the fish back into its natural habitat. Anegada is an island where time stands still, a place where you can get your hair wet and forget about the worries of tomorrow.

Take a break from the exciting activities and head to the local markets and boutiques.  Here you can purchase “made in Anegada” merchandise such as conch shells, jewelry, handcrafts, artifacts and tropical clothing.  Purple Turtle is a trendy shop where many of the products focus on Caribbean themes.  Everything from clothing, music, sauces, and Caribbean rum can be found in this store.  For groceries and fresh produce Cow Wreck Beach Resort is known for its large supply of popular snacks, drinks, spices, canned goods, fruits, and vegetables.  For a hearty meal sink your teeth into fresh lobster, fish, shrimp and other flavors of the sea.  Meat lovers can fill their appetites on juicy steaks, chicken, and ribs.  Restaurants overflow with a variety of delectable Caribbean delicacies and seafood dishes and delicious tropical beverages.  With the backdrop of the picturesque ocean, the dining experience of Anegada is a phenomenal experience.

Anegada experiences marine tropical weather.  During the summer the climate is very warm and humid while the winters are quite calm, yet still enjoyable.  The temperature averages in the 80s with a little rainfall.  The great weather makes the island the perfect getaway.

The Auguste George Airport provides domestic flights to and from Anegada.  Ferries and boats are modes of transportation and connect the island to the other British Virgin Islands.   In addition, cruises are a luxurious and joyous way to enjoy the scenic view of the secluded beaches and the Horseshoe Reef.  Taxis are available to take you to your desired location.  However, by biking, driving, or simply walking is a great way to bask in the ambiance and beauty of the island.