Overflowing with white beaches, historical monuments, chic boutiques, and beautiful parks, Amelia Island is a magical paradise.  Its silky oceans are home to exotic creatures like manatees, sea otters, and dolphins.   Within its green forests, sounds from exquisite birds such as pelicans, black skimmers, and terns can be heard through the massive trees.  There is an abundance of attractions and activities that will make your journey an unforgettable one.  From horseback riding on the beach to sailing along the Amelia River underneath the sunset, you will truly be fascinated by the exciting experiences that Amelia Island, Florida, United States has to offer. 

Amelia Island is situated in the northeast coast of Florida, in the United States.  Although it is located in the U.S., it is the only place to have been ruled under eight flags (also known as Isle of Eight Flags).  The name Amelia comes from the daughter of King George II of England and the island is rich with ancient, multicultural traditions and monuments that are testimony of its heritage and history.  The Amelia Island Museum of History is a perfect example of the sacredness of its culture.  Amelia Island’s evolution is preserved and manifested through the exhibits of prehistoric artifacts and stories that reminisce on the island’s ancient civilization.  Walking tours to the Silk Stocking district is also a way for tourists to bask in the ambiance of the island and learn about its thriving economic and business impact.

See what the island looks like from a bird’s point-of-view by soaring high into the sky via trike flying.   Join the aquatic world through scuba diving, swimming, and kayaking in the turquoise, shiny waters.  Become one with nature with an excursion on the eco motion segway tour or by taking a leisurely nature walk around the Willow Pond.  Take a break from sightseeing and enjoy the luxury of shopping at the trendy boutiques and markets, where everything from jewelry to clothing and collectables to antiques are sold.   For a night on the town, head to the local bars and pubs for tasty cocktails, lively music, and engaging conversations.

Savor the taste of Amelia Island’s fine delicacies from the local restaurants.  Quench your pallets on delicious foods such as grilled salmon and pulled pork fritter from Brett’s Waterway Café, and scallops and bayou shrimp from Jack & Diane’s Restaurant.  For international and traditional cuisine, Jade’s Bistro serves delectable Thai and Chinese delicacies such as Szechuan chicken and Mongolian bee, and Café Karibo’s dishes of spicy Thai noodles and The Famous Veggie Burger are absolutely delightful.  Karibrew Brew Pub and Grub is Amelia Island’s only restaurant and brewery which provides a relaxing atmosphere and mouthwatering cuisine.  The quaint restaurants of the island welcome locals and visitors to feast on scrumptious foods while enjoying great entertainment, atmosphere, and service.

Amelia Island’s warm weather makes it a perfect destination all year round.  Its hottest months are July and August during which temperatures can soar to the 90s, dropping to the 70s at night.  During the spring, the weather is typically cool with highs in the 70s.  In autumn is when the climate begins to drop, making its way into winter where temperatures average from the 60s and decreasing to the 40s at night.

Jacksonville International Airport, only half hour away, provides flights on major airlines to many cities around the world.  The Fernandina Harbor Marina offers boat rides to the island as well.  To enjoy the scenic views and nice weather, carriage rides and various types of tours are available.  Also, renting a car is an easy way to travel within the island and to reach other major cities in Florida like Tampa and Orlando.