Painted with white architectonic beauties clenching onto the edges of majestic hills, the town of Amalfi beams with old Italian charm.  This quaint destination embodies the essence of the Amalfi Coast, infused by the warm glow of the Mediterranean sun and cliffs rising out of the earth.  With a façade pointing towards the multihued ocean, Amalfi, Italy lures its way into the hearts of every traveler, drawing them in with its magical spell of tranquility amid breathtaking scenery.  Amalfi is the perfect location to get lost in timeless beaches, while indulging in legends of its colorful past.  It is also a destination where land and sea harmoniously reside to awaken your passions along the path to discovery in true Italian fashion.

Since the Byzantine period, Amalfi has made a significant stamp in Italy’s civilization.  This quaint town is the spirit of the Amalfi Coast, derived from a history as one of the renowned Maritime Republics.  With a powerful military once by its side, the town's façade changed tremendously as architecture began to decorate its streets.  Though it faced much success, the town underwent defeat and the earthquake of 1343; however, Amalfi never lost its rustic appeal.  Its landscape later attracted European royalty and continues to be a popular destination among tourists. 

Its piazza and waterfront are speckled with shoppers, food lovers, and sightseers grabbing a piece of the Italian culture.  The 62 steps blazing a trail to the Duomo di Sant' Andrea and Cloister of Paradise is worth the climb.  Housed in the Palazzo Morelli is the Civic Museum, which is a riveting account of Amalfi’s past, while the Museo delle Carte (Paper Museum) offers a fascinating glance into its historic paper making industry.  Amalfi’s natural beauty is also a must-see.  From sugary beaches to embracing the spray of waterfalls, the town is an exotic adventure.

Amalfi offers a gastronomic experience of a lifetime.  Its restaurants are snuggled in hills and dotted throughout its winding roads offering an array of delicious Italian favorites like pizza, pasta, and freshly caught seafood drenched in lemon.  The town’s chefs are eager to fill your taste buds with wonderful dishes prepared with rich Italian spices and cooked from the soul. 

Amalfi’s weather is characterized by a Mediterranean climate.  The months of June to September (summer) experiences highs around 85°F and lows slightly below 70°F.  During November to March (winter) its temperatures vary between a high of 60°F to a low of 40°F.

Naples International Airport is Amalfi’s main gateway and offers bus connection to the town.  The train station in Salerno also services bus transportation to and from the town.  Ferry service also connects Amalfi to other Italian destinations.  However, its piazza and narrow streets are best explored on foot.