During the late Stone Age, rock carvings were an interesting way for hunters to express their religious beliefs.   The depiction of animals engraved in stone was a symbol of life, nomadic journeys, and nature.  The Alta Museum is Northern Europe’s largest rock carving site and it pays homage to the prehistoric traditions and ancient rituals of the Norwegian people in the city of Alta. Here, tourists have the opportunity to explore the past and experience the Stone Age through the unique design of stone art that tells stories of a fascinating era, and gives insight into Alta’s economic history. The historic rock carvings are one of the many reasons why Alta, Finnmark, Norway is a captivating town that is culturally motivated and full of adventure.

Alta is the largest town of Finmark in Norway.  The charming city is filled with monumental churches, thrilling attractions, fun tours, and trendy restaurants and cafés offering panoramic views of the wonderful landscape.  Its heavens are mysterious and offer the best sightings of the midnight sun and magical northern lights that shine brightly in the clear sky.  Sleep on reindeer fur in a real igloo at Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel and touch the icy sculptures.   Become one with nature and nuzzle with the mountain fox, wolverines, and lynx by hiking and camping on the Finnmarksvidda mountain plateau.   Have a bird’s eye view of the city by climbing the Alta Canyon or sail the cool, flowing waters of the Alta River.  During the winter, visitors are also encouraged to explore the outdoors by riding a dog sled or snowmobile and ski cross-country on the vast, mountainous hills.

In addition to the adventurous expeditions, shopping is a cultural and fun experience.  Shopping centers are available for shop-a-holics to grab the latest Norwegian trends and handcrafts such as jewelry, fabrics and wood carvings.   The enticing nightspots encourage visitors and locals to dance the night away to the latest hits.  Local bars and cafés also serve tasty cocktails and other beverages that add spice and flavor to the picturesque nights.

Enjoy the culture of Alta by feasting on delectable, authentic Norwegian dishes.  Restaurant Lakesest offers traditional cuisines such as hazelnut coated arctic char, salmon, and smoked and fried reindeer.    Restaurant Altafjord Gjestegaard & Spa is also known to serve some of Alta’s finest local delicacies like arctic fish and berries and king crab while overlooking the peaceful Altafjord.  There are a variety of restaurants whose mouthwatering selections will definitely satisfy your appetite.  Whether it is local or international dishes, dining in Alta is a cultural and exciting experience that will appease any food critic.

Alta endures a subarctic continental atmosphere.  The seasons of spring, summer, and autumn, are relatively shorter than the winter.   During the summer months Alta experiences a midnight sun and polar nights (May to July).  In the winter the sun stays below the horizon, which makes the northern lights more visible (August to April).  The average temperatures of the summer are a high of 63°F to a low of 53°F.  In the winter months, the temperature ranges from a high of 31°F and to a low of 12 °F. 

Alta Airport provides flights to Norway’s major airport, Oslo Airport Gardermoen and to other major cities in Norway.  Boats are fun and offer a scenic ride to and from the airport.  Taxis are also available to take you to your desired destination.  Trains and buses can be located outside the city and they provide scenic routes to the neighboring towns of Alta.