Standing strong in architectural magnificence, the Cathedral of Almeria remains an iconic jewel in the old city. It brings the past to life with its Renaissance and Gothic décor displaying elaborate designs of neoclassical and baroque beautifications.  This historical landmark played a significant role in Almeria’s civilization as it endured the test of time as well as the attacks of Berber pirates, proving it served well as a fortress and sanctuary.  The cathedral is an example of why Almeria, Spain is such a captivating destination.  From its pristine beaches to the cultural highlights, this city is the perfect place to explore the thrilling adventures of land and sea.

Located at the bottom of a mountain range, Almeria is a charming city and capital of the Almeria province in Andalucía, Spain.  With the spirit of the Mediterranean and African presence flowing through the atmosphere, the architectural gems appear like ghosts along the city’s cobblestone streets.  While exploring the sights you will stumble across the wonderful presentations of history appearing in the form of picturesque villages, churches and cathedrals.  You may even see a castle lurking in the distance.  Deeply rooted in religion and the heart of Almeria’s attractions, Alcazaba is a 10th century palace consisting of three enclosures of military baths, a chapel, and other unique ruins. Also, experience the feeling of sand in between your toes as the majestic sea splashes against your skin.

Take a break from sightseeing and head to the vibrant food market and shops offering Almeria’s genuine souvenirs.  With a cup of delicious coffee or glass of wine, your shopping experience will be an extraordinary, yet relaxing adventure.  For a night on the town, local bars are a great way to add a little mingling to your vacation.  They offer an energetic social scene bursting with the sounds of music and chatter over tasty treats and drinks.

The gastronomic experience of Almeria is a cultural phenomenon.  Influenced by its Arab heritage foods like game, fish, rice, and sautéed potatoes, are commonly found on menus at the local restaurants.  You are cordially invited to feast on imaginative dinners skillfully prepared by talented chefs who aim to please the pallets of their food connoisseurs.  So don’t miss the opportunity to indulge in the best cuisines that Almeria has to offer over a glass of fine wine and overlooking the charming sceneries.

The city of Almeria experiences a cold desert climate.  In the months of July to September (warm season), the temperature averages from a daily high within the 80s to a low of 73 °F. During November to March (cold season) the weather ranges from the mid-60s to a low of 45°F. 

Almeria Airport is the city’s main gateway to other Spanish cities and the rest of the world.  From the central bus station, there are a variety of buses that provide transportation to neighboring towns and cities.  However, its diverse landscape of mountains, beaches, and landmarks are best explored by walking along the narrow trails and hidden pathways.