Once upon a time the Moors decided to build a great castle in Alicante, Spain.  Strategically perched on the Benacantil Mountain, many rulers fell in love with its medieval characteristics and location.  When the castle was under the hands of King Alfonso the Wise, he honorably named it Santa Barbara Castle, to which this name still remains.  Its dungeons, moat, tower, and ancient church also contribute to the mystique and beauty that surrounds this iconic treasure, as well as the panoramic views of Alicante’s majestic landscape. The Santa Barbara Castle is the shutterbug’s dream and one of the reasons why Alicante is an ideal destination.  It is a great place to experience your own real life fairytale with its brilliant amenities of magnificent architectures, emerald landscapes, striking marina, and sun kissed white beaches.

Nestling in the Valencian community lays Alicante, a charming city in Spain.  From its historic landmarks to the rolling sea, there is a plethora of exciting adventures lurking throughout its unique landscape.  The museums and galleries adorn their visitors with fragrances of the past with presentations of unique displays of artistry that convey messages about Spain’s civilization.  The noteworthy promenades are home to many outdoor experiences from shopping to sailing in the marina. While stumbling upon the city’s attractions you will see buildings of architectural splendor glimmering along the cobblestone streets.  Basking in the cool Mediterranean air also makes Alicante worthy of exploring.  St. Mary’s Church is an exquisite structure of gothic design magnificently decorated with 15thcentury art.  A tribute to the old Spanish tradition, the Plaza de Toros (Bullring) celebrates the exciting sport of bullfighting with preservations of capes, bullheads, and uniforms.

Enjoy a busy afternoon of shopping in Alicante’s vibrant shopping areas.  With a pleasant mixture of markets, shops, and department stores, Alicante is a shopaholic’s paradise.  The giant palm trees and cafés of La Explanada de España (promenade) provide shade from the sun as you take a break from its array of shops and stalls elaborately filled to the brim with genuine “made in Spain” souvenirs.  By night the sounds of music and lively chatter fill the bars as locals and tourists mingle under the stars.

The gastronomy of Alicante offers a multiplicity of multicultural inspirations as well as regional foods. Spice up your life with culinary temptations rich in savory ingredients at the local restaurants.  Chefs are experts at preparing imaginative dinners that will delight any pallet.  Whether you are craving a familiar taste or a Spanish delicacy, don’t hesitate on adding a little flavor to your appetite. 

Alicante experiences a semi arid steppe climate.  During the warm season (June-September) the weather typically averages from the high 80s in the day to the low 70s at night.  In the cold season (November-March) the temperatures range from a daily average in the 60s dropping to the 40s at night.

El Atlet is the international airport and main gateway from Alicante to the rest of the world.  Buses and trains service transportation to other major cities in Spain.  The harbor also provides scenic ferry rides to Africa.  In addition, by taking a leisurely walking tour is the perfect way to enjoy the pleasant weather, sites, and surprises Alicante has in store for you.