Looking for an action filled vacation?  If so, then Alesund is the place for you.  Here you can explore the wonders of nature by hiking through the narrow trails which lead to impeccable sights of mountains, lakes, and rivers.  What a feeling it would be to climb the city’s highest peaks and feel the ambiance and beauty that surrounds this majestic destination.  Whether you choose to visit the cultural landmarks, enjoy the alfresco atmosphere or relax, the town’s vigorous atmosphere is never far behind.  So, challenge yourself by indulging in the exhilarating experiences that Alesund, Norway as to offer; and embark on an electrifying journey where adventure is a must.

Since the Viking era, Alesund has been a charming Norwegian city and municipality.  Its exportation of klippfisk also makes the town a major fishing center.  While exploring the city, you cannot escape the different faces of culture that appear beside the cobblestone streets.  The Art Nouveau architectural décors glimmer along the sidelines, while backdrops of verdant, mountainous landscapes offer striking sceneries.    Its museums, galleries and iconic landmarks highlight Alesund’s colorful heritage; and thetown's natural attractions are among the most beautiful treasures in the world.  Climb the 418 steps of the Askla Viewpoint for panoramic views of the Sunnmore Alps and the town center.  In addition, Alesund’s majestic waters are great for sailing and fishing; you may even see a glacier lurking around the corner. 

The shopping districts of Alesund should not be missed.  Shop-a-holics can spend the afternoon shopping at the trendy shops and stores that are elegantly decorated with Norwegian souvenirs from clothing to paintings. The nights of Alesund are a time to dress to kill. Head to the cozy night spots and enjoy an intimate atmosphere over music, food and drinks.

For a taste of an authentic Norwegian delicacy, the restaurants and cafes offer mouthwatering dishes overflowing with flavor.  From freshly caught fish to sweet pastries, chefs are masters at creating imaginative dishes.  Whether you are a critic or lover of food you will definitely find something to your liking.  Restaurants like Coop Obs Café and Lyst Bar and Restaurant specializes in traditional Norwegian delicacies. Along with the traditional foods, there is also a selection of multicultural cuisines that will quench your pallet.

Alesund experiences a humid moderate climate.  During the warm season (June –September) the temperature averages from a daily high in the 60s to the low 50s.  In the cold season (November- March) the weather fluctuates between a high between the low 40s and decreasing to the low 30s.

Getting around Alesund is relatively easy.  Buses service travel to various attractions and locations throughout the city.  Boat trips are also available to tour the town’s picturesque surroundings.  To travel at a flexible pace, taxis offer sightseeing trips as well as transportation to your desired location.  However, since the city is surrounded by numerous hiking trails, you can discover Alesund’s highlights by taking a leisurely stroll through its hidden cracks.