An adventure seeker’s escape, Akureyri is home to some of the most exhilarating activities in Iceland.  The mountains of Glerá Valley offer over 1400m of hiking fun and amazing sceneries.  Take part in the challenge of experiencing an electrifying climb of 24 peaks in 24 hours at the yearly hiking event. What a thrill it would be to successfully reach the top of a mountain and feel the mist of the clouds, while capturing a bird’s eye view of the town’s landscape in its entire splendor.  Akureyri, Iceland is a destination filled with a diversity of enchanting attractions.  Whether you choose to relax or explore its charm, you cannot escape its profound heritage which bursts with culture and excitement.

Populated with approximately 18,000, Akureyri is a lively urban town and trading center which nestles in the striking country of northern Iceland.  From the outdoor adventures to cultural treasures, there is plenty to do and see while exploring its unique surroundings.  Museums, galleries, and festivals proudly showcase the rich history that has transformed Akureyri into becoming one of the most celebrated cities in Iceland.   Akureyri is also home to some of the world most exotic creatures like birds, whales, fish, gardens, and plants.  Enjoy Akureyri’s spectacular sights of the dazzling northern lights.  They are an immaculate demonstration of a scientific wonder as luminous colors glisten in the winter sky.  Ski along the vast mountainous slopes or sail the crystal clear waters of the harbor.   With such a contrast of activities, your experiences will be nothing short of delightful.

In the midst of the exciting attractions, head to the street of Hafnarstæti and Glerártorg mall for an outstanding shopping experience; and treat yourself on tax free merchandise from the latest Icelandic trends and souvenirs to famous brands.  Shopping is also a great way to nourish your memories and indulge in some of the town’s rich traditions.  At night, the local bars and cafés are an energetic social scene offering vibrant music and the tastes of signature beer, coffee, and delicious snacks.

The gastronomic experience of Akureyri is extraordinary.  Chefs prepare a variety of culinary temptations that will definitely make your mouth water.  Fresh wood oven pizza, seafood, steak, and fancy desserts are among the delicacies whose aromas fill the atmosphere of the quaint restaurants, bistros, and cafés. Whether you would prefer to try something new or indulge in a familiar taste, you cannot miss the opportunity to enjoy the pleasures of digesting such delectable specialties flavored to perfection.

Akureyri experiences a continental climate.  During the months of June-September (warm season), the temperatures average around a daily high within the 60s to a low in the 40s. In October- April (cold season), the weather fluctuates between a high in the 40s to the low 20s.

Getting around the city is relatively easy.  Buses running throughout Akureyri are free and taxis are available to take to you to your desired location.  Bus and walking tours offer scenic views of unexpected highlights such as the city’s wildlife, hidden trails, and mountains.